Miller Construction (UK) Limited

Date started
Work Experience: 4 March 2013

1st April 2013

Job Role
Part Time Administration Assistant

What is your background?
My previous jobs have involved working at a dental surgery, typesetting, data input, and Education-Support in schools.

How did you find out about the employability programme run by Sedgemoor District Council?
A friend that I met at Angel Place skills centre whilst I was doing the ECDL level 2 Qualification told me about the programme on the morning it started and asked if I was interested going too.

What did the programme involve?
Recognising our skills and helping to understand how they can be transferred to different job roles.

Building local networks both with others in the same position and with some of the employers who gave their time to support the programme.

What was the atmosphere like on the programme?
Friendly, supportive, relaxed, uplifting and enjoyable.

How did this programme benefit you and would you recommend it too others?
It helped me settle back into the area by helping me with my local networking and it also covered areas of support that I had never come across in any other job club I had attended before. I preferred this programme, the content and how it was executed. I would definitely recommend it to others.

How did you get work experience with Miller?
Whilst on the programme we had mock interviews with some local employers. After my interview with Natasha from Miller we got talking about what my next move would be and the difficulties I was experiencing with getting work to fit in with the rest of my life (being a Single Parent). I was finding it difficult to get interviews and I thought this might have been because the last position I held was a small cleaning job and this was not the work I was looking for. I told Natasha that I was considering doing some work experience or volunteering as an administrator so that this would be the most up to date position on my CV and be good experience.

How do you feel now the work experience has turned into a job opportunity?
My doubt in my abilities has gone. I feel valued, confident, motivated and organised in the rest of my life. It has given me a new lease of life.

How have you been supporting the site team?
I have taken on an administration role and am involved in organising, filing, printing, presentation, and typing.

What has been your experience of working with Millers so far?
I quickly felt part of the team and am finding it a great place to work. They have been adaptable to my needs/hours I can work, which has made it so easy.

What is your aspiration now over the coming months and years?
The company meeting me halfway and recognising that within my life I have other roles to fulfil has given my loyalty towards the company. I want to expand my working knowledge of the company and to gain skills that I can develop and transfer to
other roles/positions. I hope that Miller could help support me in getting into a permanent role.


“We are delighted with the progress Dawn has made. She showed herself to be really committed to getting the most out of the programme. It was clear from early on that she was capable and had plenty of potential but just needed a chance. We are so pleased that Miller have given her that chance and it demonstrates how this type of programme can create opportunities for both individuals and businesses. We wish Dawn all the best for the future”.

Laura Fowler, Community Outreach Officer, Sedgemoor District Council

“Dawn joined the project team on work experience and quickly became a key team member, providing administration support and with her organisational skills, enabled many tasks to be undertaking allowing the construction team to focus on the site activities.”

Dermot Parkinson, Senior Project Manager, Miller Construction

“Dawn came to site on work experience and immediately demonstrated her skills and quickly became a valuable member of the team. She is self-motivated and completes work in a timely manner to a good standard. We would not be without her now.”

Aaron Bailey, Construction Manager, Miller Construction