I applied for this Apprenticeship as soon as I left school and shortly after got an interview for it. The interview was a whole day which made me feel nervous as I had not had a proper interview before but I managed it and felt very positive about it once I had left. A couple days later I was then offered the job which made me feel both nervous and excited at the same time. I felt nervous as it was my first job and I had no idea what I was going into and I also felt excited as it was the beginning of a journey to get my Level 3 qualification.

Whilst being here I have had a mentor meeting every week which I have found to be very helpful as I get to get all my feelings off my chest and also raise issues that I felt I couldn’t raise with my Managers at the time. My mentor has been very supportive both towards my work and also college work. My managers and Caroline have also been very supportive towards college. I have received all mandatory training since being here which I have found useful towards my work. I have learnt a lot throughout my journey such as taking minutes, sorting and collecting post and customer services etc.

Once my apprenticeship ends I want to find a job elsewhere as at the moment no jobs have come up here that I like the sound of and I want to make sure I’m doing a job that I enjoy. I have enjoyed my time here and will be very sad to leave, but now that I have my qualification I feel that it’s time to move on from here.

Lauren was supported by Under Construction in updating her CV and signposting her to possible roles outside of the organisation. Two weeks after supporting Lauren she had an interview and ‘bossed it’, gaining permanent employment within the district. We wish Lauren the best of luck for the future!