Full time Employment after 20 years Unemployed

Tuesday 17th July, 2018

Under Construction supported me into employment after 20 years of unemployment

*Christine is 56 years old and has learning difficulties.
She started attending digital link sessions at Westfield Church in Bridgwater and moved over to Under Construction in April 2017 as she found Fridays easier.
She developed good relationships with the other clients and Nick the Digi-Link volunteer who helped Christine apply for jobs on-line.
Christine spent time with the Under Construction team who supported her with interview skills and confidence building. She had many rejections, which knocked her confidence, but the employment team managed to support her and encouraged her to keep applying.
It is pleasing to report that Christine has finally secured 30 hours per week cleaning.

Christine reports, “I had so many job rejections that a friend said I needed help. I had never used a computer until I attended the digi link sessions and Nick gave me the confidence to work independently applying for jobs. I started to get interviews but was then rejected again so I sought help from Under Construction. The team are amazing and really helped me develop my confidence ensuring I could handle the interview. Thank you so much Under Construction – my life is finally moving in the right direction.

*Name changed as requested confidentiality