Work Experience: Good News Stories
Lee Rogers & Chris Hughes – Employer Interview: Soldi                  


Soldi’s new construction project in the heart of Bridgwater is not only an ambitious new development for the town, it has also provided 6 Bridgwater & Taunton College students with the opportunity to gain meaningful Work Experience at the same time as playing a part in developing their town.

Soldi’s Lee Rogers and Chris Hughes, the contracts and commercial managers respectively, were eager to get our students on site because they understand the value of bringing “good people” into the construction industry. Speaking to them it became clear that Soldi is more than willing to play its part in dealing with the challenges faced by the industry:

“If we don’t keep training these young students the industry is going to dry up. Having these Work Experience students has helped to put this in the front of everyone’s minds and we are prepared to play our part in safeguarding the industry.”

Not only were they mindful of the growing skills gap, they were also aware that having a Work Experience student on site is not a hindrance, but rather a great benefit to their company:

“An enthusiastic Work Experience student helps our team as well. When you have a student on site who is engaged and looking to take part, our team respond to that and will throw everything behind them to help them progress. We’ve been really lucky that all the students we’ve had from the college have been keen, asking the right questions and have been happy to be here”

When employers like Soldi are aware of the potential impact of Work Experience it allows for valuable placements that have meaningful impacts on students. Soldi gave our students real responsibilities allowing them to learn and grow from their experiences and now two of the six are lined up for apprenticeships and the others have experience that will hold them in strong stead for their future careers.

“The bottom line for us is we want good people. We’re always looking to take on more and if they have the right attitude it can’t not be valuable. If we don’t give these students a chance to develop and get experience they’ll turn up to site unprepared and the industry will swallow them up and spit them out. If we can stop that happening and help develop them it will serve us, and the industry well”