I cannot believe how time has flown; I have been in post now for almost 5 months, that’s half way into my contract. My emotions are mixed…happy… because I love the job…sad… as I know it’s ending!
However, not going to dwell, as the experience I have gained just in these few months has been invaluable. No two days are the same, and to think I nearly didn’t apply because the post was Full-Time!
I was dreading the Summer holidays arranging childcare for my daughter but to be honest I prefer it to doing the morning school run! My whole family enjoyed a fantastic holiday to Tenerife, whilst I was sipping my cocktails I was still being paid!!!

One of the benefits to this job has to be when last week Caroline and I visited some construction sites, checking the Local Labour Agreements (Sedgemoor is the only council to do this in Somerset).
Our first visit was Bloor Homes in Cheddar. A 90 plus housing development, which had the most spectacular views of the quarry and reservoir. Nathan was very helpful providing us with the statistics.

Next up was the Taylor Wimpey in Puriton. This was a high-end development with very spacious houses. We were given a guided tour by Steven and were shocked just how big the site was. We were amazed to hear that 85% of the houses were already sold and to local people who grew up in the village, which is fantastic.

The new Leggar site in Bridgwater, was up next. Lee Rogers, the Contracts Manager of Soldi, greeted us. What a lovely man, he told us all about the apprentices that had been taken on, and could not speak of them highly enough. The development is progressing well with completion at his end to be sometime in September.
We were shown the plans of the new site and told about potential businesses going into each unit.  It was all pretty impressive stuff.
The site tour we received was very informative; I could not believe just how big the Lidl unit is, very smart looking, lots of glass, spacious, it had a really nice feel to it.
Would you believe the land was previously Cellophanes dumping ground, full of waste, the contractors certainly had a hard job of developing it.
I hadn’t realised the size of this site, and don’t even remember noticing the wasteland before building began. I loved how I felt a sense of pride for Bridgwater as this development really will enhance it.
The new Lidl is due to open December 2018!