Garry began his journey with Positive People after being referred to the project by his Jobcentre Plus Work Coach in Bridgwater.

Garry had never used a computer or the internet before as he had had no requirement to do so. He had previously worked as a furniture maker and only ever used his craft know-how to make a living. In 2015, Garry lost his job as the economic downturn reduced consumer spending and the demand for furniture. Garry understood that digital literacy was becoming increasingly important when looking for employment and this was something missing from his CV and skills pool.

After meeting with Ben from Pluss to discuss his action plan and join the project, Garry was referred to Chloe from Cosmic to start his digital journey.

Chloe set about creating a bespoke plan suited to Garry’s needs and goals. “As Garry was so new to technology, the 1:1 sessions offered more of an opportunity for repetition and a ‘practice makes perfect’ method of learning. Working at the best pace for Garry was important and it really was about starting from scratch. The basics of working a laptop were covered, utilising the internet and search engines such as Google, email, and keeping in touch with friends and family in the digital world!”, explains Chloe.

“The sessions have made me do my homework! I’m picking up the skills and understanding of a computer at my own pace. It’s important for me to learn gradually rather than having all the information just thrown at me!”, says Garry.

Alongside the digital training, Garry has completed an SIA (Security Industry Authority) course to increase his employability and offer new possibilities for his working life in the future.

Whilst Garry’s journey with Positive People is still ongoing, he can already see the benefit digital will have on his future!

“It might end up in a job, it might end up in getting in contact with family, it might end up with me taking up a hobby. There’s lots of things you can take up… the more confidence you gain the more positive you think, and that’s where I think I’ll be”, says Garry.