Leap (Linking Employers and People) Personal Impact 6 Day course

Monday 5th November, 2018

Personal Impact ~ 6 Day Course

This level 1 course is aimed at customers who are preparing themselves to return to work. We will help you to understand how to apply for a range of job vacancies. You will also look at the importance of presenting job application information in an appropriate and accurate way. You will be able to practice communication skills that are needed for an interview. We will look at team work as well as investigating your rights at work.

The course will cover:
• Applying for a job
• Interview Skills
• Searching for a Job
• Recognising employment opportunities
• Contributing to a team
• Rights and responsibilities at work

Literacy and numeracy tests will be completed to assess the level of support needed for each person. Minimum literacy level required – Entry Level 3.

Enrolment session:  Tuesday 29th November @10am at Under Construction,
Suite 3 Lions House, Bridgwater, Somerset,
(Please allow 3 hours for induction.)

Course dates:
• Session 1: Thursday 6th December
• Session 2: Friday 7th December
• Session 3: Monday 10th December
• Session 4: Tuesday 11th December
• Session 5: Monday 17th December
• Session 6: Wednesday 19th December

The course will run from 9.30am to 3.30pm on each day.

Each customer will need to provide
• ID (Passport/Driving Licence/Birth Certificate)
• Proof of benefit (Letter from DWP or Universal Credit Claimant Commitment)

Customers must be over 19yrs old, resident in the UK for 3 years +,unemployed and in receipt of a means tested benefit, ie: Universal Credit, JSA, ESA IS (Work related activity group).
Must not currently be accessing any SFA funding.

For further information please contact Debbie Pearson on
To make a Referral please call 0800 3100 401