This is why you should come to our video gamers event, whoever you are. There won’t be any power points or guest speakers but you could get to play Mario Kart or have a virtual reality snowball fight.

Employers: Do you understand video games or video gamers? Do you realise the transferable skills gamers have that would be beneficial in your employees? Do you know a lot of gamers don’t necessarily play video games? Do you know which types of gamers would be brilliant in your line of work and which not so much? Do you know the questions to ask to find out? Do you already have a ‘gamer’ stereotyped in your head that you probably know isn’t really accurate? Well this event will answer all of those points through fun interactive activities and challenges. It will be incredibly informative and educational but fun at  the same time and most of all it will make sure that you don’t miss out on hiring a top employee again because you didn’t realise what they could do.

Providers / Teachers / Support groups / Work Coaches: Do you have customers or clients who are gamers? Do you find your lack of knowledge a barrier in being able to motivate them or sell opportunities and training courses to them? Do you know the difference between different types of gamers? Do you know where their skills lie and what sorts of careers to recommend? Do you find yourself always recommending they look at I.T or admin work where their gaming skills might be more relatable to something like scaffolding or sales? Well come to the event and find out how you can learn the information that will make engaging with gamers easier and more productive giving you the best possible chance to help your gaming customers find the career they’re looking for.

Gamers: Do you know that you have skills that employers want? Do you know which careers value which skills? Do you lack the confidence to talk to employers about your gaming skills? Do you want to hear about people or organisations who can help? Come to our event and find out why we think gamers should be one of the most desirable group of applicants any employers should be interviewing.