100 Women First Member – Becomes Local Author

Friday 2nd August, 2019

Written by Sylv Kerslake from Bridgwater Magazine

What started out as a way to get her son to read and write more, they came to an agreement that she would write if her son did, so Bridgwater author, Fiona Baker, began her journey as a writer.

Fiona lives in Bridgwater with her husband and two children and writes fantasy for children.

She has written two books and is working hard on her third, as well has ideas for further books which are waiting to be started.

Fiona loves to write and always has lots of ideas which constantly float around in her head and never reach paper.

We met Fiona in the library today, where she told us a little of her writing journey.

When Fiona was well into the story, for book 1, she saw an Amazon competition and decided to enter and she hasn’t looked back since.

Book 1 Time Stands Still was published on 8th May 2017 but she had left the ending open, so book 2, The Kingdom of Time: The Frozen Realm was born.

Today, Fiona is writing book 3 in the series.

She showed us her notepad as Fiona handwrites everything.

“With a notepad I can take it anywhere, I have just got back from holiday and I was able to write on the plane.”

She went on to tell us,

“If I sit at a computer screen it will either remain blank, or I will be over-critical and just keep going back and correcting everything which was underlined.

“This way I can just write.”

She also added,

“Once my manuscript is finished and I start typing it up, I can also see that something doesn’t make sense, or I might have missed something out, so it gets an instant edit.”

When asked why she decided to self-publish,

Fiona told us,

“I contacted a number of publishers before going down the self-publishing route, however, I either had no response or ‘I’m sorry, the story is good but we are not taking anyone on at the moment’ and others where they wanted at least £1200 up front.

“I honestly didn’t want to pay anything upfront.”

We asked about the feedback she has got for her books, she told us,

“My husband is very critical but likes them.

“My kids love them.

“Other people and friends have also said they have enjoyed them.”

She continued,

“My son now loves reading and his writing is much better but he only enjoys writing if it is of interest.”

Fiona is part of a group here in Bridgwater called, The 100 Women Project, launched 13th December 2018 and run by Under Construction.

Fiona told us,

“They have been such a great support, giving advice where needed, giving me confidence when I needed it and helped me with where to start,

“As they are local, I can just pop in and get some advice.”

She continued,

“I didn’t know any other authors, and I have not got the confidence to approach anyone about my books.

“But I love writing.”

You can find Fiona’s books over on Amazon.

We would like to wish Fiona good luck with book 3 and future books.

On a final note, if you are looking at self-publishing, you should never pay money upfront. Those ‘publishers’ who do this, will continue to charge you for services and then take a percentage from any sales you make.