100 Women First – Inspired by Inspiration

Thursday 10th October, 2019

On October 4th Team Under Construction held an ‘Inspirational Women’ event as part of the 100 Women First project. One of our newly joined ladies attended the event as well as a trip to Hinkley Point C, this is her feedback…

‘It was really inspirational and heart touching, it certainly shows how resilient women are. It’s a step that I would like to work up to, explain to others the journey I have been on since childhood. I’ve benefited so much in the two sessions I’ve attended which has only empowered and boosted my self belief and confidence to show the woman I truly am and to follow my path. I have launched my website this afternoon with support so today has been overwhelming but amazing energy felt from everyone today that I have met.

This is the poem I wrote before I attended today’s presentation. It helps me prepare before coming out to places and meeting people turning that anxiety into a freedom.

“A year from now everything will be so different you’ll see.

As those whispering words that have never left the mind.

Gave hope in times of despair.

Rescuing words when Deep in that darkness.

The terrorising moments of what literally felt like walking through paths of fire.

Unscrambling the tangled to reveal its light.

Shining bright.

To be here stood as a survivor today.

Escaping the mental cage once trapped inside.

Following the dazzling rays.

A path lit up along the A39 through the clouds singing your song.

As the eyes gaze at the stage.

Sat amongst the crowd.

Surrounded by its 100 ladies of light.

As the ears listen intensely.

To one’s own journey.

Battling the demons daily that try to prevail

Giving faith and hope.

Laying the foundations of that home they are building.

Inspiring others on their road to recovery.

I found this tree two years ago and built a connection with it along with nature around us. This time last year I went in through its gateway of darkness fearing the uncertainty of the unknown, facing my shadow self full of fears and insecurities to end repeating cycles but today I came out into the light as a survivor. I wrote this poem before I went into that darkness:

“A year from now everything will be so different you’ll see.

Stop wandering in the fog you are in

Go through the gate.

Discover those paths that lie deep within.

Find those paths that have been kept blocked ,unturned and forgotten.

Be prepared for what you are going to find.

Be prepared for the paths that are going to test you, that are not going to be pretty and definitely are not going to be kind.

Some that will turn your world upside down and fall apart.

Some will and are going to just simply break your heart.

These are the Paths you won’t have to visit again.

When deep in that darkness that the path has led you in.

That’s when you’ll discover the true colours of the light and love that shines within.

This is the light that everyday gives you that strength to stand ,the courage and determination.

It’s going to take you on a path that has been kept hidden.

A path that at one time seemed impossible is now becoming possible.

An endless path that will take you on a journey of transformation unveiling the true inner beauty,love and passion of that you really are.”

We thank Gemma for sharing her creations, her very kind feedback and for being such a fantastic ambassador for ‘100 Women First’. To visit Gemma’s webpage click here.