Hinkley Point C

If you are interested in joining the workforce for HPC you must register with the HPC Jobs Service, register online at Jobs at Hinkley Point C.

Please note that when you register you should select three options that you are qualified or experienced in, you may miss opportunities if you do not select the job family that relates to your skills and qualifications. You will be required to upload your CV when registering. CV’s should have a 5 year checkable work history with gaps of no more than 30 days, when detailing work history please include the day, month and year of employment for example 2nd September 2012 – 2nd October 2013.

For help with a CV you can visit the EDF Visitor Centre:

For all our current opportunities please view our Facebook page (you will need an account on Facebook). This is where we post all the latest jobs and opportunities to get into employment and training.

What is Young HPC?

If you are aged between 16 and 21, Young HPC has been designed to give you support, guidance and resources to help you take steps towards your dream career. If you don’t know what your dream career is yet, then that’s no problem! Take this opportunity to find out what makes you tick and get suggestions for roles that might suit you.

We have useful tools to help you build your CV, develop an understanding of interview techniques and introduce you to a variety of companies that are helping to build the new Hinkley Point C (HPC) power station – one of the biggest construction projects in Europe. All of these tools are within a handy digital toolbox which you can access below.

Registering for Young HPC will also mean you are first in line for skills experience days, allowing you to meet with the companies helping to build the new power station. Once you have registered, you will be added to a unique pool of people and directly invited to book spaces for these exclusive sessions.

Find out more and Register here.

Frequently asked questions

I don’t have a CV; how do I register?
The National Careers Service can support you with creating a CV; appointments can be booked to see an advisor. We are fortunate enough to have an advisor at Under Construction every Wednesday. Click here to book in to visit.